This creature is a large insect with a black, chitinous exoskeleton and long, waving antennae. Its body is divided into a head, thorax and abdomen, and it has a pair of curved mandibles with which it produces a curious clicking noise.

When domesticated, soldier kanks are often used as caravan mounts, as they can travel for a full day at top speed while carrying a tremendous amount of weight for their size.

Nature DC 10 / Survival DC 10
Kanks are generally domesticated as mounts, beasts of burden or for their nectar. While kank nectar is quite delicious, only the most desperate of individuals will eat kank flesh. When a kank dies, its body produces chemicals that render its flesh foul–smelling and utterly unpalatable.

Nature DC 15 / Survival DC 15
Soldier Kanks have two different types of toxins, their antennae can secrete an enduring paralytic, and their mandibles a powerful digestive acid.

Nature DC 20
Kanks are generally docile creatures but will aggressively defend their lair and become extremely territorial during the establishment of a new lair.


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