Echos of Creation

Day 12

The Price of Food and Water...

Session XP: 750xp

Characters in Attendance:


As the party departs the outpost with great haste, most of their belongings are left behind… Over the course of the next few hours those in the know, share what spooked them so…

The trip to the Timberlands Trade zone is otherwise uneventful, but once they arrive the find a large, but temporary city built from canvas, carapace, and the bones of various creatures… The three entryways are guarded by each of the local city-states, at least according to the flags — but it’s obvious that those standing guard are mercenaries or hirelings rather than Templar.

After restockings on supplies, and acquiring more trade goods for the return trip to Starfall, the party gets some much-needed rest in a local inn as several individuals head out on their own to explore the trade center.

Some panic ensues but is quickly quashed by those more rested and lucid as the details fall into place…

The group has now acquired new mounts, rested, and restocked… And is currently heading back to the outpost…

Day 10 of the Journey: 9:20AM
Day 13 of the Campaign

A few encounters of note:

You spent HOW MUCH on water????
Hey Guys — We need a heard of animals.
Something’s up — Oh nevermind they just think you are a spy…


Stratos Stratos

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