The Planet and Its Neighbors

The world of Rune has a long history of wars that have shaped the very fabric of reality itself — The current state of Rune is one desolation.

The Northern Hemisphere is one of extreme heat, with fields of magma replacing traditional Ice caps and deserts being a very common sight. Temperatures routinely exceed 100 degrees by midmorning and can reach 130 degrees or more by late afternoon. The wind is like the blast of a furnace, offering no relief from the oppressive heat. Dust and sand borne on the breeze coat everything with yellow-orange silt. Cities and villages exist only in a few oases or verdant plains. The world beyond these islands of civilization is a barren wasteland roamed by nomads, raiders, and hungry monsters. Maps are rough at best and only the hardiest of individuals ever see more than one city in their lifetime.

Clean water is scarce. Water from the sea is known as Dark Water and is dangerous to all living creatures. Sources of fresh water are hard to find and often well guarded.

Reality is inherently unstable — Terrors skirt the shadows just out of sight and the fear of darkness or the mists are often times very well founded…

The planet Ahnrune is smaller than Earth by a factor of three and orbits a single white dwarf at around 0.02 AU.

Note: 1 AU is approximately the distance between Earth and the Sun or 150 million KM, so 0.02 AU is about 3M KM.

The Sun is known as ‘The Destroyer’
There are two moons and a ring surrounding the planet.
The Golden Moon is known as ‘The Empyrean’ – with a 9-day cycle.
The Red Moon is known as ‘The Warden’ – With a 27-day cycle
The Ring is known as ‘The Scythe’ due to occasional bouts of ‘razor rain’ from bits of debris re-entering the atmosphere. It is said that there were once three moons, and the ring currently visible in the sky are the remnants of that former stellar body.

Note: The moons are approximately 90K KM away, and the Ring is approximatly 75K KM away.

Time, and its measurements
Weeks are 9 days long — calculated by the phase of the Empyrean
Months are 27 days long — calculated by the phase of the Warden
Years are approximately 243 days long [9 months] and divided into three equal seasons. ‘High Sun’, ‘Sun Ascending’, and ‘Sun Descending’.

There are no marked temperature or weather changes from one season to the next.

The Planet and Its Neighbors

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