The Land We Live In -- The Red Wastes

“I live in a world of fire and sand. The crimson sun scorches the life from anything that crawls or flies, and storms of sand scour the foliage from the barren ground. Lightning strikes from the cloudless sky, and peals of thunder roll unexplained across the vast tablelands. Even the wind, dry and searing as a kiln, can kill a man with thirst.”

How did we get here? Why are the Wastes the way they are?

Thousands of years of reckless spellcasting and epic wars have turned this into a barren world, on the verge of an ecological collapse. From the first moments of dawn until the last twinkling of dusk, the crimson sun shimmers in the olive–tinged sky like a fiery puddle of blood, creating temperatures up to 150° by late afternoon. Water is scarce, so people are forced to come up with alternative solutions for dealing with the heat or perish.

The Wastes put the survival of the fittest concept to its fullest. Those who cannot adapt to endure the tyrannical sorcerer‐kings, the unrelenting sun, or the many dangers of the wastes will certainly perish.

Illiteracy and slavery are commonplace, while magic is feared and hated. The term “hero” has a very different meaning…

Metals are very rare in the wastes. Its scarcity has forced us to rely on barter and different materials, such as ceramic, to use as currency. It also hampers industrial and economic
development as well; mills and workshops rarely have quality tools to produce everyday products. Even though most forces have developed ways of creating weapons and armor made of nonmetallic components — the advantage of having metal equipment in battle is huge.

From the lowliest slave to the most powerful sorcerer‐king, psionics pervade all levels of society. Virtually every individual has some mental ability, and every city‐state has some sort of psionic academy available. The term “the Will” is used to refer to someone’s innate ability for psionics and “the Way” for the study of psionics.

The Land We Live In -- The Red Wastes

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