Types of Terrain

Abundant – +0 Survival
Forests, Blue Zone Lakes, Gardens, Mountain Values,

Fertile – +5 Survival
Verdant Plains, Savannahs, Swamps, Mud Flats, Oasis

Infertile – +10 Survival
Rocky Badlands, Stoney Barrens, Scrub Plains

Barren – +15 Survival
Boulder Fields, Salt Marshes, Sandy Wastes

Desolate – +20 Survival
Mountains, Salt Flats, Dust Sinks, Sulpher Marshes

Void – +25 Survival
Obsidian Plains, Volcano, Magma Field, Sulpher Flats

Special Terrain

Weather Conditions

Things from the Sky

Wind or wind-like effects

Non-Standard, but otherwise normal things

Non-Standard, and definitely not normal things

  • To be added as they occur


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