This creature resembles a large, hairless canine. Its four foot‐ long body is covered in loose folds of light brown, scaly hide and a twin pair of spines run along its back. All four legs end in razor‐sharp claws, and large canines protrude from its upper jaw.

Tembo are universally hated and despised because of their preference for young humanoids. Tembo are famous for sneaking into nomadic camps to drag away children and even for sneaking into populated cities to snatch babies from their cradles.

Nature DC 10 / Survival DC 10
A typical tembo stands between 3 and 6 foot long, including tail, and can stand 3 feet tall at the shoulder. An adult tembo weighs 600 pounds. Instead of fur, these creatures have a scaly hide, which help to conserve moisture.

Nature DC 15 / Survival DC 15
The tembo is a savage predator that will eat anything, but it prefers the children of sentient races. Tembo base themselves in a lair or den and hunt in packs throughout the surrounding wilderness. In addition to their physical speed and strength, tembo also boast psionic powers and the ability to drain the life energy of their victims.

Nature DC 20
Tembo are fearless fighters, either alone or in packs, equipped with several negative‐energy related attacks. The greatest danger of the tembo comes from its horrid mouth. A tembo can sap vital energy from its opponent every time it successfully hits with its powerful jaws.


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