While most player characters would not have this information — knowing the planar layout as a player will occasionally help to put some things into perspective…

The Mortal World / The Material Plane is known as – “Creation”. The Planet itself is known as Ahnrune, or sometimes Rune for short.

Parallel to the material plan on opposing sides are:

  1. “The Spirit Realm” could be considered the Plane of Faerie combined with the Elemental Planes.
    The Spirit Realm is a quasi-elemental plane that is home to the Spirits, The Fae and is considered the embodiment of nature.
  2. “The Hollow” could be considered the Plane of Shadow combined with the Astral Sea.
    The Hollow is an eerie and colorless “duplicate” of the Material Plane and is in many ways a warped and mocking reflection of the Creation.
  3. “Malfeas” could be considered an alternate material plane that orbits Creation and only occasionally touching the plane. It would be the combination of the Nine Hells of Baator, and the Seven Heavens of Mount Celestia combined into a single faction.

Overlapping both Creation and The Hollow is:

  1. “The Gloom” could be considered the Near Ethereal, combined with the Plane of Dreams.
    The Gloom, sometimes called “The Mists” is a foggy realm of ghosts and dreams. A traveler in the Gloom experiences the real world as if it were in a dense thick fog and can move without being seen or influenced by things existing only in the material world. The Gloom could be considered a loading area or buffer of sorts that can be influenced in many ways and often times spills over into reality.

All of this is nestled into the Ordial Plane

As for Creation…
Reality is inherently unstable and has been known to become influenced by certain factors.
As the barrier between planes weakens sometimes bits of one plane or another will spill out into the material world. The Gloom is by far the most common offender and everyone will see this happen at some point in their life. The most common sign that The Gloom has spilled into the material world is the ever present Mist. As a plane that overlaps creation, the impacts can be very noticeable but in the end, its often considered simply a natural part of the world. When the Hollow spills over it is rarely ‘in passing’ and most often the site will become a site known as a ‘Sinkhole’ or a ‘Shadowland’…
As the Planescape rotates it may bump into another piece of reality or another plane of existance… This can have many different effects but occasionally… a small piece of another plane [or the entire thing] will get caught and break away from its origin and become a part of Creation. These demiplanes and lost fragments can have many names and take on many forms…


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