Known Factions

Fallen Star City

One of the six major forces — Fallen Star City is one of the two ‘free states’ that are not ruled by self-proclaimed Sorcerer Kings.

Once the impact site of a massive meteor storm, this location has since become a thriving site of commerce and civilization. While most of the fallen treasures have been picked clean long ago, occasionally bits of iron and other items of value turn up in the surrounding area. The city itself is half constructed, and half dug into the surroundings with the town making full use of the fifteen-mile wide crater site to nestle into the revealed bedrock. The buildings are typically one or two stories tall — constructed primarily of woven straw, vines, and timber coated in clay. Occasionally guard towers will rise above the surrounding buildings, and the streets are wide but otherwise chaotic as they follow the natural ebb and flow of the bedrock… The outermost city walls consist of piles of rubble and stone held together with clay and the occasional damaged timber support beam. The walls are less for defense against other people, and more to hold back the fury of nature itself.

The centermost region of the city contains by far the most impressive structure — The Exarch’s Tower. Standing several hundred feet in the air and with no obvious wooden protrusions — it easily stands out among the surrounding buildings.

The city is jointly managed through a diarchy between Exarch Cirgu and Exarch Alden. A senate has also been established in recent years as the city has expanded and now houses close to 90,000 adults.

The city is divided into five districts — each ruled by their respective noble house.
Order is maintained jointly by all five noble houses although each district is managed primarily by the standing armies of its respective noble house.

The Windfall District is almost entirely underground and the centermost districts. House Windfall is known for their moisture farmers and their mercers [Fabrics].

The Dawnless District is one of the main merchant wards with most of the entertainment, tourism, and vendors set up in this area. House Dawnless is known for their Templars and Runesmiths.

  • An Arena, “The Sandstorm”, is located here.
  • The party is currently operating out of this district.

The Sunwing District is a foul smelling but otherwise very much needed district. It is home to the ranchers, beast tamers, and many of the armorsmiths that make their home in the city. House Sunwing is renown for their best tamers and their weaponsmiths.

The Sunbluff District is a quiet one and one of the smallest districts serving as a sort of administrative quarter. The many guildhalls, temples, senate and government buildings are located here. House Sunbluff is renown for their Healers and Alchemists.

The Evenbreeze District is the outermost part of the town with the few exceptions where the Dawnless and Sunwing district have exposed gatehouses. This is the main commons area for the town and is somewhat of a shanty town. House Evenbreeze is renown for their Templars and their Engineers.


Local: DC 10
It is said that Exarch Alden and Exarch Cirgu are both one step away from becoming a Sorcerer King in their own right!

Nobility and Royalty: DC 10
The High Council is said to be made up of Exarch Alden and Exarch Cirgu, with a Consul from each of the noble houses to represent their district.

Local: DC 15
Rumor says Serian City and Meridian are having a land dispute over a recently found mineral cache in the Ash Springs Timberlands.

Nobility and Royalty: DC 15
Each of the five noble houses has a fixed number of official positions… With the Consul being the highest position, then the Imperator and Lord Justice, then all of the other positions…
1 Consul
1 Imperator
1 Lord Justice
3 Justiciar
3 Senators
9 Inquisitors

The Blackwater Syndicate

This is a renown group of brigands that have made their home on the isles in Blackwater Bay. They have been so successful in fact that the surrounding city-states have entered into formal negotiations with the group, and formally awarded them the territory they currently occupy to the south of Fallen Star City.

Known Factions

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