House Rules

Restricted Magic

Typical magic using classes are considered prestige classes and means of learning such skills must be found in play. Additionally, knowledge of arcane or divine matters should be learned in play as the reality is likely not what you are used to.

Magic is Everywhere

While magical classes will be heavily restricted, most everyone has some aptitude for magic. This will take the form of ‘Seeds’ that could be either naturally formed, or artificially created. These ‘Seeds’ contain the blueprint for some type of magical effect that can then be controlled by the user.

Magical Items are not

The usage of magic is very common but the ability to create magical items is extremely rare. As such magical items are not commonly for sale on the market as they would be often found in other settings. Glyphs and Potions can be found in most large cities. A Glyph is a single use spell effect, often consisting of a carved token or talisman. Potions and Oils are similar to those traditionally found in other settings but often do not directly replicate a spell effect.

Detecting Alignment

Any attempt to detect a target’s moral alignment automatically fails. Some effects can or must be defined as affecting a specific alignment (chaotic evil, neutral good, and so on) at the time of casting. In these cases, you specify only the target ethical alignment.
Moral Alignment: Good vs Evil
Ethical Alignment: Law vs Chaos

Any class features that target moral alignment uses “inquisitor logic”, thus anyone a paladin deems to be “Evil” is clearly evil and can be the target of the “Smite Evil” class feature.

Equipment Durability

We will be paying attention to equipment durability. Weapons and Shields will be the most obvious — in particularly high strength characters may find themselves regularly breaking their weapons, and shields will similarly not have an infinite lifespan and are often treated as disposable.


Also tends to come up. Keep track of your gear, where its placed, and how much it weighs.
you may drop your backpack in combat to lower the total weight carried — Just don’t forget to pick it back up again…

Food Stuffs / Life Expenses

Often times games are ran where the only cost are magic items and consumables. Things such as food, water, or where you sleep at night are glossed over… These small details tend to add up into a much greater picture especially in the beginning.

Armor / DR

Half of the bonus that armor provides rounded up will be transferred to DR / Adamant
Armor – new split
1 – 1 DR 0 AC
2 – 1 DR 1 AC
3 – 2 DR 1 AC
4 – 2 DR 2 AC
And so on

Shields provide only DR, but facing matters.

Monsters are scary

All monsters with existing DR will have that DR increased by 10
All monsters with natural armor will receive bonus DR equal to half of that amount.

Metal is Scarce

Most arms and armor are made of bone, stone, wood, and other such materials. Mail or plate armor exists only in the treasuries of the most powerful sects. Steel, much less Silver blades are almost priceless weapons that many heroes never see during their lifetimes.

Assumptions will get you killed

Reliance on standard fantasy / system knowledge will backfire. I promise… Silver is also the most exotic weapon material that most individuals would know of without the appropriate knowledge skills.

House Rules

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