Echos of Creation

Day 9

Swarming with Love

Session XP: 500
Objective Completion Bonus:

Characters in Attendance:

With the party Injured, Radford and Benji make preparations to draw away the Kanks while the party transfers their belongings to the remaining two Inixs…
Radford departs on Dusty and finds FAR more than he anticipated…
After several hours he eventually goes back to check on the party — Only to find they are still there…

Combat ensues with Radford leading most of the Kanks to the nearly incapacitated Inix while the rest of the party makes their escape…

After some distance, one of the two remaining Inix’s start to have problems as the Kank venom is working its way through its system. The party performs some emergency treatment on both the mounts as well as the injured party members and they continue the journey… After a few hours of travel they reach the Solar Barrens and decide to rest for the night…

Day 6 of the Journey
Day 9 of the Campaign

A few encounters of note:

Radford spent several hours kiting close to three hundred hit dice of pony sized beetles around to allow the party time to escape.

Ash fashions a makeshift Kank Antitoxin


Stratos Stratos

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