Echos of Creation

Day 3

Into the Sands

Session XP: 750

Characters in Attendance:

The party begins their first major undertaking.
A third Inix and a handler have been acquired to help transport the goods provided by House Dawnless to the Timberlands Outpost. The first few days of the journey are smooth and without incident. but on the 5th day of the trip the party has many repeated encounters with a group of Tembo that seemed to be stalking the group.

The party decides against scavaging and instead decides to stick together and travel a little farther…

Night passes with the party set entrenched around their Inix’s with obvious signs that they are being watched…

The Sixth day of the trip begins, and not long after all signs of the Tembo vanish… Just a few miles later — the reason becomes more apparent as a swarm of Kanks descend upon the party.

While the party itself is mostly unharmed, one of the Inix’s is badly wounded and nearly succumbs to the Venom coursing through its veins…

Day 6 of the Journey
Day 9 of the Campaign

A few encounters of note:


Stratos Stratos

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