Echos of Creation

Day 9 - Part 2

"Today was not a very good day"

Session XP: 500xp
Objective Completion Bonus: 1000xp

Characters in Attendance:


Finishing up the last leg of the journey, the party made their way along a dried out river bed towards The Ash Springs.

Some ‘emergency’ medical treatment was provided to one of the Inix that was previously poisoned / injured…

The scavenging group found a strange occurrence by following a group of Kestrekels where dust was being constantly churned up into the air. After some debate, it was decided that it was not worth the danger of getting closer.

The party eventually made it to the Ash Springs Timberlands, and after a few more hours — made it to the outpost where their delivery was destined.

Some trade was performed with the local quartermaster, and the party was allowed access to “The Grounds Keeper” to heal / cure the injured Inix.
Ash and Glendale are sent to meet The Grounds Keeper and after several hours return with some things to feed their precious mounts.

The party then departed with great urgency, to head towards the Timberlands Trade Zone…

Day 9 of the Journey: 9:20AM
Day 12 of the Campaign

A few encounters of note:

Giving a 2000 lb lizard a rectal exam
Wearing another creatures face, as a face…
Travel over a Silt Lake
Dealing with animated or possibly sentient plant life
Dealing with Fae


Stratos Stratos

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